Daily update for my Boys 31 March 2014





Good Afternoon Little Men…

I hope you two are doing great and having a very nice Monday …

Sorry I just spammed your email accounts …lol ..I am still having issues with the wordpress.com IPad application ….it’s driving me up the wall if I am honest , so let’s hope IOS is going to release the new bug fix update shortly ….

Can’t believe the day is gone again…it feels like I got nothing done that I had planned but such is life some days … I did have a nice chat with one of my friends whom now lives in the Philippines , had the cutes photo of his little girl …she is absolutely gorgeous .. Defo gets her looks from her mummy …lol

I think I have solved the Dubai bank harassment , at least for me seeing that it is not my account …so happy days for me …not so much for your paid surrogate I am afraid to say …..

I wonder what you two muppets are getting up to this week ? Well whatever it is I hope you both will have plenty of safe , fun happy times and lots of learning O and don’t forget to giggle …makes the world a better place I believe …….and I am pretty sure you both can do with some love and care at this stage and not just the daily Child Abuse you are being subjected to….

O I must send you both a picture , I have noticed today that I have written all the paint of my IPAD pen whiles writing to you both …lol , I must admit I did not even think that was possible , good thing I bought a spare when I got this one ….don’t know why but I am not able to finger type on this pad ..just does not feel right … I assume as you both will be growing up with this you will be able to do it with great ease ….. I have even got Ouma and Oupa trying the touch screen when I see them and they read your blog …never to old to learn Champs as they say ……

Well muppets I can’t wait to see you both a little later again under our big old green tree in dreamland ….. Big bear cuddles and dream smiles please …..

Please also give B&B an extra cuddle from me and maybe a sneaky Oreo biscuit when no one is looking …lol

Night , night little men …..dream big always …the sky is the limit ….remember this always , no matter what the people around you try and tell you ….

Love you both TTHhhhhiiiiiiiiissssssssss much and miss you both so muchhhhhhhhh more …..

Love you Little Men…..always ….

Dad xx

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