Daily update for my Boys 30 March 2014




Good Evening Little Men..

Hope you both are doing really well and that you have had a nice Sunday …with lots of playtime and giggles ….

It’s been a really nice day here again , I have been out to the Mall to do some Birthday gift shopping for the Big bash next weekend , I must say I am really looking forward to seeing all the old friends whom I have not seen for many , many years……

I looked today again for some Easter cards for you both but still no luck so it seems that I will have to get my glue stick out and go buy some pasta and glitter , lol ….. I thought by now I would be able to get some but as I have said before we are not so big on sending cards here thus I guess no demand …. I did see lots of chocolate bunnies but they I am sure will be a little stale by the time you turn 18 and we meet again ……

Have some running around to do later in next week in the City , so that should be fun , I think I have forgotten what it is like to sit and struggle in traffic …..

I have not had much time to work on the blog and Facebook pages today but I see the blog is at 12000 views more than 60 Countries and around 380 comments so it seems to be hitting top ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing search , thus you two should be able to find me when the time comes with great ease know … I see loads of people have been sharing and viewing your Birth certificates so that is a very good footprint also I think ……

Well Champs I just want to wish you both a great week with lots of learning and safe happy loved times ……

Can’t wait to see you both tonight again as always under our big old green tree in dreamland …hope you have big dream cuddles and smiles for me ….

Night , night little men …..pleasant dreams of better safe fun days to come …

Love you both big truck loads full and miss you extra much more ….

Love you little men….always …

Dad xx

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