Why Do Narcissists Cry at Movies?

Very , very true ….

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Narcissist at Movies ~ photo by Shutterstock

This is a popular search term with inquiring minds Googling the phrase about 357k times.  It’s also a common search that leads people to my site.  They want to know why the Narcissist cries at movies because it’s so out of character with what they know about their oft-cruel partner.

It goes something like this:

You’re sitting in the theater beside your Narcissist.  At the climax of the story line, two star-crossed lovers become separated when a mudslide rips through the hotel where they’re vacationing in Brazil.  You hear a small whimper and look over to see the Narcissist crying.  He or she might even grab your hand for effect.  You almost expect them to turn to you and say, “Just kidding…fooled ya!”, but their eyes remain glassy with welling tears.  You’re so busy analyzing this unexpected behavior that you find it hard to concentrate on…

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