Daily update for my Boys 28 March 2014





Good evening Little Men ….

Hope you both are really well and had a great Friday …

Sorry I am a little late today , I have been trying to find some moped tires for Oupa’s new pet project …not as easy as it sounds …but looks like I have been able to track a replacement for the DKW motorcycle from Honda in the UK …now we need to just get a white wall version …. I will have to wait and see if the supplier can track some down for us ……

I had to go out this morning to sort some domestic stuff … Lol … I think the lady from the ironing shop thought she had hit the jackpot with 3 weeks worth of ironing as the domestic worker has still gone missing ….still have no clue if she is ok or if she just decided to find a easier job …lol …. As you both might recall I like things done in a certain way as that is how I was taught growing up …..

Still no luck on your Easter cards I am afraid but I will try and go look tomorrow again , the schools closed here today it seems for the Easter break ..it’s the last time all the people go to the coast here for some fun before we hit our winter which really is like your best summer …lol

I hope you both will have a great weekend with lots of outside playtime as I see your weather is looking pretty good also …sure B &B must be ready for a nice bit of running and playing fetch in the park if you are allowed …..

No more news from the Court today little men so we shall see what they try and do next week again , I am sure there will be loads of applications filed on Monday to ensure they waste the maximum amount of the Courts time and the governments money as they have done in the past year …..

Well Champs I will see you both a little later then under our big old green tree in dreamland …..have huge nice warm bear cuddles for you both….

Night , night little men …big fun weekend dreams …..

Love you both around the world and back and miss you lots more …

Love you little men…..always …

Dad xx

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