The night is not so scary Dandlebear

Thanks Karen , a great story again as always …makes me really sad when I read them but they hit home so much….

Karen Woodall

In the dark of the night when the stars twinkle bright and the children are wrapped up for sleep,

when the light becomes dark and the dogs cease to bark, into bed will your Dandlebear creep.

He will lie snug and close, right next to your nose and watch over you until morning comes

And when next day dawns, opening eyes with big yawns, Dandlebear will be ready for fun.

Tilly and Jake were very scared of the dark and when bedtime arrived they were always finding reasons why they should stay up just a little bit later.  ‘Look’ said their mother, ‘its time that you were in bed now’, but Tilly and Jake just kept on finding reasons why they could not go to sleep.

Jake was the worst, he just would not put on his pajamas and then, when he had finally managed to pull them on after…

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