For Empaths and Sensitives Suffering from the Effects of Narcissistic Abuse

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Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

“The heart nature of Empaths and Sensitives yearns for the world to be just.  We want nothing more than love, justice, and truth.” ~ Jenna Forrest

Healing Empath

One of the reasons that Empaths and Sensitives are subconsciously drawn to Narcissists is because we come into the world wanting to fix people and things that are broken and/or unjust.  We are here to help heal other people.  When we enter into a relationship with a Narcissist, we spend copious amounts of time and energy trying to force lessons onto the Narcissist to correct their heart and make them more loving.

What we don’t realize is that they have their own lessons to learn, of which we cannot assist.  The fact that they often don’t learn from their mistakes is a lesson in itself.  In the meantime, we remain confused and hurt because we cannot comprehend how another human being seems to lack…

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