Daily update for my Boys 19 March 2014




Hello Little men….

Hope you both are doing great and having a fun day …..

It’s been a bit of non productive day here in the end….I guess we all get days like this…feels like the world is in slow motion for some reason…at least the skies are blue and the Sun is shinning…. See you always need to look for the silver lining as there is always one to be found , that I believe….

Been thinking about you both lots today , I assume you have seen the message from Ouma on the blog …..breaks my heart but nothing I can do about it….this is how it is…..I think Ouma has been working on your life box also today ….sure you will get plenty of cards and letters one day to read should you two muppets choose to do so…..

I am typing mine as my handwriting is so poor you two I think will never be able to read it…lol , I know I should have been a doctor …… But don’t think I am sympathetic enough with sick people sometimes , I live by the idea if you are sick , go to the doctor or take a tablet and get on with it , guess that will be my down fall….

O I forgot to tell you both the domestic worker has gone missing the past two weeks now , I don’t know if she is ok or is she has decided to take a holiday without telling me ….hope she is ok , but if she is not back next week I think the lady from the ironing shop is going to think she won the a Lotto , lol….. They joys of home help in Africa …..

I wonder if you two are able to have some fun outside playtime now that the weather is better in the UK , I do hope you are taking B&B to the park daily now for some fun….sure they must be loving it also…..make sure you wipe their paws when you get back home so they don’t mess up the carpets …….

As I said yesterday tomorrow is bank holiday as you would call it , here …so no big plans…might have to sort some work stuff but am waiting for some info…if not we will tackle that next week again…..

O I have had to turn the Dubai phone off as your paid surrogates bank is phoning me 10 times a day because she is not paying her bills it seems , nothing changes with her, I have told them to phone her father and bank her security chqs so they can press criminal charges against her as I still think jail is the best place for her long term , not being horrible , just stating my opinion….

Well champs can’t wait to see you both later in dreamland under our big old green tree ….can’t wait for my dream cuddles and dream smiles…..

Night night champs , dream big and adventures…..

Love you both a billion tons and miss you a trillion tons more ….

Love you little men …..always …

Dad xx

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