Daily update for my Boys 5 March 2014





Good afternoon little men…

Hope you both are doing well and having lots of fun in the sun shine , it’s pretty cold here and I think it has been raining for almost a week now , feels like the UK , guess it’s the start of our winter….

Had some running around to do this morning , nothing fun , just had to go and pay bills etc , as I did not get round to it before my trip to the UK last week…

I am also faced with the daunting task of unpacking all your boxes here , still have not decided if I need to put your room up or just leave the stuff in the boxes , I guess if I put up your room I have to walk past it each day and see it knowing you both will never get to see it , if I leave it all in boxes I guess than I have to admit that you two will never get to see it also , don’t know what the best thing would be re this little men ,maybe for now just leave all the stuff until I have the guts to take a firm decision…..did not know I had so much of your things here with me …..I guess the logical choice would be to try find a good home for all the stuff with little people that will use it and get some joy from it as you both were supposed to have ….but if I do that I let go of the memories and happy thoughts it all is associated with…… Will keep you posted on this one as I don’t know what the right thing is to do today …..

The project here seems to be heating up again, so that’s all good , been a lot of hard work to get it to this point , so can’t wait for it to complete…..

I assume you two must be starting to get excited about the Easter weekend , I will post your cards on here next week , just need to try and get my scanner sorted…I see the laser printer I bought in Horsham is the same as the one I bought here so can now print double , lol ….

Had a couple of calls from Dubai also this morning, seems all the people from work sends you both all their love…..I think they are all a bit shocked how your paid surrogate decided to play this one , but at least they all now see her for what she was …not a very nice person , I find it still amusing that some of the people whom she hated and spoke bad of each day are now her best friends by her and her fathers account of things , well all I can say is good luck to them all…..they will learn about the McClures as I did …the hard way …..

Well little men I need to get going , I am sitting here as if I have nothing to do for the rest of the day ……

Hope you both are having a cool day full of fun and smiles as little men should ….

Can’t wait to see you both later tonight under our big old green tree in dream land , packing huge bear cuddles and smiles for you both….

Night , night little champs …..happy warm and safe dreams …..

Love you both extra TThhhhhhhHHiiiiiiissssssss much and miss you double that …..

Love you little men ….

Dad xx

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