Daily update for my Boys 3 March 2014




Hello little men…

How are you two muppets doing today ? I hope oki doki ….

It’s really cold and wet here today , I slept until 10 this morning , guess the jet lag got me …lol , we went to put flowers on your uncle Jaco’s grave today , it’s 5 years today since he passed away…must say I can’t believe it’s been 5 years , I still remember getting the call from Oupa and then me and the paid surrogate making arrangements to come home for the funeral….feels like yesterday but also a life time away …don’t think that makes sense but I guess you two will know what I mean one day as you grow older….

This weeks looks like a being at home week , the big murder trial for Oscar P started here today , I had to smile when I saw the confusion during the English and Afrikaans translating , made me think of our case how the court and paid surrogate took little parts of what I said and focus on that based on their interpretation and not in fact what I said…maybe if they are watching this trial on BBC they will get what I have been trying to say to them all from day one rather than make up stories to serve the goal they had of getting me out of your lives ….sad that but they have to sleep at night knowing what they have done and always look over their shoulders as they don’t know when or where I or someone will pop up again,….. Guess the drink will knock them out each night from now on.

O , I bought a box of those Easter eggs I brought you last week , must say I have forgotten how nice they are , even Oupa had some although he is not allowed them with his diabetes…. Think we 3 had half a box today already ..lol

I had loads of emails also from friends and your paid surrogates “friends” sharing their discuss in what she and her father have done …so it seems even her ” friends” are now admitting what she is and always was , a paid surrogate nothing more……

I hope you two have had a nice day , I think you are having a bit of sunshine , so hope you two have been allowed some outside playtime and fun with B&B…as little men should…..

Hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait for my little O dream cuddles and dream smiles….

Night , night little men , great dreams of better days …..

Love you both truck loads full and miss you triple that ….

Love you always champs ….

Dad xx

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