Daily update for my Boys 2 March 2014


Hello little men…

Hope you two are doing well and having a great Sunday…

Boys as I am sure you both know by now the Court did not allow the paid surrogate to change your names to Mcclure nor did the Court allow her to remove parental responsibility, so I guess what that means regardless of the fact that I am not your biological father you will remain as always as part of the Ferreira family , I really hope your paid surrogate will as she said go change her name back to Mcclure so that the world will know you are not related to these child abusers , just always know no matter what you both will always be my little boys…yes the paid surrogate and her family will brainwash you both but I still hope one day you will know the truth of what she and her family have done to you both by not allowing you two to have any childhood memories with your Daddy , non biological or not…..

Oupa said to tell you both he had put the word out this week with the brotherhood to keep an eye on you both and make sure you are safe and to always ensure that we know where you both are , and like he said when the time comes and you both are ready if I am not here anymore you will be given the opportunity to know the truth and be a firm and solid part of the Ferreira family should you want that…..

So I guess next week is the start of a new life for us 3 , yes it will be unconventional but I hope once you are able to read this blog we will be able to build and develop our relationships as they should be……

I spoke to your other Godparents also , they send all their love , they both seem very sad that they have been cut out of your lives also because they were not willing to take sides and your paid surrogate saw that as the ultimate betrayal, thus you are now stuck with a drunk and a wimp as your only known Godparents ….really sad that , but that’s what your paid surrogate and her drunken old father wants ……

I will from tomorrow’s update start giving you all the details of the Clamidia std treatments I had to pay for to get your paid surrogates womb scraped to remove all the old scar tissue of the continued long term stds she carried before in fact she could become a paid surrogate , I will also give you all the details of Dr Penny’s sons best friend who is your biological father and your Polish biological mother should you both want to trace them one day …..

Well little men , as always I hope that you both will have a great week full of fun as little men should…..

I will see you both a little later again under our big old green tree in dream land ……packing huge warm bear cuddles for you both….

Night , night little champs , happy dreams …..

Love you both with all my heart and sole , today and always ……

Love you little men…

Dad xx

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