Daily update for my Boys 1 March 2014

Hello little men..

Hope you two are having a great Saturday …

Just been sitting next to a lovely elderly lady at the bar on my flight , guess she saw I needed to chat , don’t know why but the first thing she asked was what ‘s wrong ? Wife or kids ? I must say I was taken a bit back …I was not sure what to say to her as I normally don’t like talking to people on flights but I said, kids …..the wife is history and has been for a long time , just think it took me much , much longer to do something about it then I should have…

She took my hand and said to me how old are the kids …. I said to her please don’t call them kids ,they are my little men , very little in fact ,

Boys she said the strangest thing , she asked who was born first ? I asked why ? She said to me , I don’t know but I think the 2 one is in trouble….that just made me burst out in tears, guess it’s got something to do with what I heard yesterday…boys while holding my hand she said to me know and believe in your heart that they love you and know you as I can feel the bond….I said to her what are you talking about ? She said you stood in front of me at the check in and I saw the photo in your folder and I knew that something was going on as people that spend time with their children don’t walk around with a photo like that at the top of a folder to see it each time they open it up ,most people take time with their children for granted as they see them each day ……I guess she was right , the photo has replaced your stuffed puppy dogs I use to carry with me ….I guess when I get back home over the next couple of days I will take the photo and put it with the dogs that now sits next to My Ouma’s porcelain dolls to keep them company…..

Was a bit of a strange experience chatting with this lady , it was really as if she knows us 3 or felt us , not sure but very strange…..

Champs I hope you will have a great Sunday, Ouma and Oupa send their love also as I spoke to them just before my flight , they are still away it seems , not sure when they will be back home , but sounds like they are having a great time , I think they needed bit of fun with all they have been dealing with the past couple of months…..

I just want to say I miss and love you both loads, and sorry again that I did not get to say bye in person……

Hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land …..can’t wait for my double little O cuddles and dream smiles ….

Night , night little men ,happy weekend dreams …..

Love you both A380’s full from 38000 feet and miss you more …..

Love you little men always …

Dad xx

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