Triggers; what are they and how do we work through them?

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My Justice ~~ Patricia A McKnight

  • 1:a piece (as a lever) connected with a catch or detent as a means of releasing it
  • 2:something that acts like a mechanical trigger in initiating a process or reaction
  • Psychiatry
    A factor that initiates and aggravates a behaviour or response.
  • Etymology

    D, trekker, that which pulls

    a substance, object, or agent that initiates or stimulates an action.

For โ€˜Survivors of Traumaโ€™ triggers are any combination of person, place, thing or action, which sets off a remembered emotion or fear. These for are instinctive reactions engrained in our system from the attack/traumatic situation that caused the original emotion.

Just like we have remembered happy moments, which set off laughter or tenderness; compassion, we can also have negative and fearful moments. In fact; as my therapist shared with me, if the trauma is severely impacting our body will lean more toward a negative memory before a happy memory becauseโ€ฆ

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2 thoughts on “Triggers; what are they and how do we work through them?

    • Thanks Trish , am sitting here in a hotel room in the UK ,been traveling for 20 hours to see our little boys tomorrow for 2 hours , to just be told No ….and I am the bad person again as always …. Guess I have no idea how this mess will turn out but am broken with the fact that our little boys are the real victims here , as adults we learn to cope and try and forget but little ones don’t get that untill it’s much tooooo late …..

      Really love your work… It has given me some hope and ideas to work with…

      Speak Soon…



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