Incarcerating Parents and Family Members – Why Our Jail-Happy Judges Are An Embarrassment

Does Jail time do family Courts any good? I will rather go to jail for life than stay silent one more day !

Researching Reform

It seems as if the winds of change in the family courts are blowing in two opposite directions – as fast as the President moves to clean up the system and make it more sophisticated and user-friendly, half-baked pixies inside the system are waving their wicked wands and sentencing parents and family members to prison for failing to disclose the whereabouts of children subject to care orders and other family law proceedings.

And whilst we are in no way sanctioning non-disclosure in situations where children are at risk and in need of locating, two very obvious sentiments emanate from this recent spate of jail-happy judges imprisoning parents in a seemingly never-ending stream of hearings: jail time in this context helps and serves no one, placing inordinate financial pressures on already struggling families, which play out in the family unit and manifest through heightened tension and emotional instability, andΒ very often, children…

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