Books On Child Abuse

Some good reads on Child Abuse…..

cathy fox blog on child abuse


Over the past few months I have read these books. All of them moved me and I would recommend any of them. The descriptions/reviews are not my own, they have been found on the net. If anyone would like to recommend any books or do any reviews I would love to add them to the blog. They are in no particular order

Autobiographies of child sexual abuse

[1] Who Cares? Memories of a childhood in Barnardos      Fred Fever

Who Cares? I found a compelling read. My mother was a Barnardo’s ‘girl’ and I have always been fasinated with her stories. It is unbelievable that such things have happened in ‘more recent times’. I shed tears for Fred Fever throughout the book which tells of a story of a boy which goes from good to bad due to a lack of love, understanding and care taken with children in…

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