Daily update for my boys 14 Jan 2014



Hello little men…

Really hope you two are doing well….hope is all I can do….

Still no news about your operation little man , so as I have said before we are all thinking of you each day and pray that you are or will be ok as I am not sure if you have or still need to be done ….

I have been running around a little this morning but all sorted now, so I am sitting here on the sofa with my feet up just relaxing …it’s very hot here today again and looks like we might get some rain a little later….

Oupa seems to be doing much better , he has finished the work he was doing on his camper bike trailer thing so it’s seems all ready to go ….

Had confirmation of my appointments next week also , I guess then we will know how crazy I am , if indeed at all..sure it will make some interesting reading if nothing else…. I will keep you both posted and make sure you have copies in your hard copy of all the Court documents should you want to read it one day …..lol , please make sure you both are well rested before you tackle this box as I almost put my back out just moving it the other day , can’t believe how much paper we have already and I guess after today lots more to come….

You two must be in full winter bear mode now and dressed like Eskimos daily ….I know you two don’t like the hats and cloves but you need them to stay nice and cosy if you have to go outside or even play outside at school…..would love to see you both having some fun if I am honest , but that is not meant to be for now….. Or is it ….

I am going to be a little tied up the last part of this month as I have a fair bit of travel to do , might even try and pop in at your school if I have time to come and say hello…. Sure that might land me in hot water again but will be well worth…..

I hope you two have had a great fun day full of smiles…..

As always little champs I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land ….I need extra double bear cuddle tonight I think , lol ….can’t wait….

Night , night little men , warm cosy dreams of happier days….

Love you both truck loads full and miss you more ….

Love you boys…


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