Daily update for my Boys 16 Dec 2013


Hello Boys!

Hope you two are doing great today !

The picture is from Ouma again , she thought you two would love it….

So been a lazy day here with the public holiday … Must admit I forgot that today was a public holiday until Ouma reminded me ….

The country is so in holiday mode it is scary … Guess I have lost touch with how big the holidays are this time of the year here ….

I have a couple of works things to sort tomorrow but then I guess it is holidays for me now also until the first week in Jan … I must admit I am looking forward to a good break , can’t remember when last I have had more than a couple of days of work … Not sure what I am going to do with myself , lol , should have lots of free time to work on your blog…..

So not sure what you two have been doing today but I hope it was fun and that you kept busy as little men should ….

I hope you two are helping mum getting the house and all the stuff ready for the holidays as it can’t be a easy job knowing you two little monkeys ….lol

Well champs whatever you get up to this week I hope it’s fun , maybe mum will take you to go see Santa and Rudolf so you can give them your lists …. Don’t be scared of him … He is your friend … Lol

As always pals I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land …. So ready for my little man double bear cuddles and smiles … I can’t wait…

Night , night champs … Sweet happy place dreams ..

I love and miss you both so very much ….

Love you both to the moon and back ……

Love you pals …

Dad xx

Daily Update for my Boys 15 Dec 2013


Hello little men!

Hope you two are well..

I had to share this picture with you , Ouma found it among my Ouma’s stuff , not sure why she kept this picture always , Ouma has added the little photo’s of you both to the tree.. Hope you get to see her scrap books one day they tell such a lovely story of you both and our family whom I guess you will never get to meet or know….

Thinking back this might be where my reference to the big old green tree comes from , maybe my Ouma use to tell me about it thus I remember the reference all this time , a bit strange for this picture to come to light today as I do not recall ever seeing it before today , I guess it just shows how some things stick with you from childhood memories….

Boys I can’t believe how hot it is here today , I think summer might be here in all it’s glory today…I have spent this morning watching Madiba’s funeral , I am sure you two will learn about him in school as I don’t think the world has ever had such a loved person who was able to touch the hearts and soles of each and every person in the world … I think there has and never will be again a role model quite like him…. A very sad day for South Africa and the World ….

O I have also prepared all the new stuff and additional evidence for the Court today so hope to send that all out tomorrow also if I get time , court has still not confirmed when we can submit the new psychologist report , so I guess I will have to chase them next week again.

So what have you two been doing today ? I hope it has not been to cold to go do some fun things outside ….. Must admit I have not seen the UK weather today , so I hope it is oki doki…

Going into the City tomorrow to do some retail visits , blessing is that the traffic should be great as the whole South Africa I think should be at the beach by then …. Welcome to Summer a Holidays in Africa ……

So I guess you two don’t have school next week so I hope mum has lots of fun things lined up for you to do before Santa comes to see you both…. I bet you two must be so excited , would have loved to see it or even maybe share in a little of it with you both …. I guess maybe one day hey boys …..

Well whatever you do next week I hope it will be fantastic fun and be safe ! O and wear your jacket please Oscar …. Lol,

So little champs as always and it seems even longer than that I hope to see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait for my huge double O cuddles and smiles….

I love and miss you boys so much each day , don’t know how to put it into words…..

Night , night , pals , happy , happy dreams …..

Love and miss you both to the moon , sun and stars and back ……..

Love you Champs …..

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 14 Dec 2013

Hello Boys

How are you two doing today? I hope very,very well…

Sorry I am a bit late today but just got back from Jaco , Janine and little Jayden, I am sad to report that little missy had to go stay on a farm with lots of other animals with medical issues…

Today made me realize again boys how many great friends I have here and that I have loads of people here that truly care about me and me about them, Jayden and I had such a busy fun afternoon, he was like a little firecracker today, reminds me so much of you both, had to hold back a tear when he came up to give me the biggest bear hug cuddle when I had to go , he is lovely I think you two would get on with him so well , the communication and chatting would be funny to see but I guess as kids language is irrelevant, fact of nature I guess not sure why… well I hope to see the 3 of them again before Christmas if all goes to plan.

O before I forget driving home now on the motorway I cant believe the amount of broken down cars even a bus , all with people that worked for 11 months for 150 pound a month to save to go home now for 3 weeks to see their children and families that they work away from for such a long time, sad thing is this time of the year and in the evening not a sole will help these people and they will be stuck on the side of the road for who knows how long before they get home as planned and most probably end up spending the money they had saved to fix the car and get home which means their families will have no gifts or maybe even a proper meal for the next month…

But you know what boys for all these people that is not important all of them and their families want is to see each other and spend a little bit of time as a family over the Holidays…..I guess that is just so normal as they will keep smiling and be festive no matter what ….

Makes me proud in a funny way to say I am African as this is our culture we rise up above whatever life gives us to deal with … I hope although you have almost no contact with me that the 19 months we were a family unit a little of my African spirit is alive in you both always as it is such a fantastic personality trait, even if the UK Courts says that means you have a personality disorder but I guess then so have 49 000 000 other people in South Africa …..

Well little boys I hope you two had a great fun day and  have done lots of things you wanted to do…..

As always little men I hope to see you both shortly under our big old green tree in dream land , I am so ready for my double little O’s double bear cuddles and smiles … can’t wait …..

Just want to say also I love and  miss you both with all my heart ……

Night, night , warm happy sweet dreams…..


Love you both THIIIIISSSSSSSSSS much ………..

Dad xx     


Daily Update for my Boys 13 Dec 2013

Hello Little O’s

How are you two doing on this Friday the 13th , lol I hope fantastic and that you have seen no black cats … lol

Well the weekend is almost here , must say it has been a long week all and all so looking forward to the weekend. I guess Ouma and I will have to start doing the Christmas shopping now that I know I am not allowed to see you two on Christmas day, I guess I will keep your gifts then until I possible get to see you under guard in Feb before we go to Court again, guess I will have to bring your Birthday gift also then as I am sure mum will also not allow me to see you in May on your Birthday so I will plan ahead as I always do..lol

I think I am going to make a peppermint-crisp-tart as I have not had one in ages , you two would absolutely love it ,it  is a very South African treat , not very healthy so we can’t eat it more than once a year or we will be in big trouble or need bigger trousers, lol , I hope one day you two will get to taste it , its heaven on a plate as they say..

O and I guess the big meat shop also has to start as in South Africa as they say Christmas is not Christmas without 5 types of meat ,and that does not include turkey as we don’t eat turkey as a rule , not sure why we just never have…

So I guess you two must have lots of plans for the weekend with mum also in the run up to your holidays, hope you are not going to be stuck in the shopping trolley all the time this weekend , maybe you are going to the Zoo again , but then I guess it must be getting way to cold outside now for you two and the animals unless Oscar will offer them his coat again hey Oliver as he surely does not like wearing it …… well boys whatever it is you are going to get up to this weekend , I hope it will be lots of fun and safe .. no drinking and driving you two !!! LOL not even in your Little Tikes trucks please …. its a bad time of the year even on the play roads you two drive on ….

More than the big shopping trip I don’t have much plans, might see Jaco , Janine and Jayden O and don’t forget missy ( the puppy) she is gorgeous , you two I think will go mad for her, would love to get you two a puppy but I know mum will go mad and probably have it put down rather than for you two have a little friends staying with you in your room.

I told Ouma I want to get her a new puppy also as hers was 15 years old last week , he was called HOUCH but got very sick a month ago and they had to let him be put down because he was so old , but I think between the grief of loosing contact 100% with you both and HOUCH they are not doing so great on the loss of things they loved side … but she is not having it ….

Well boys I hope you two had a good ( I think) last day at school and was able to say Happy Holidays to all you little friends….

As always pals I hope to see you both later under our big old green tree in dream land , I guess by tonight Santa would have put up the Christmas lights and decoration on this tree also , so should be lovely and festive ,cant wait for my double O bear dream cuddles and smiles……

Night , Night Champs . Happy pre- Christmas Holiday dreams …..

I miss and love you both so very much each and every day …….


Love you both 100000000 times around the world and back and more ….


Love you pals …


Dad xx  

Daily update for my Boys 12 Dec 2013

Hello Boys ,

Hope you two monkeys are doing great today …..

Well I had a bit of a lazy day today just spending some time with Ouma and Oupa no big excitement here today I am afraid … Must admit it has been a fantastic day in Africa again , you two would have had so much fun clowning around in the great weather , I must say it is not as hot as what I remember it as a child or maybe I just got used to the heat after all the years in Dubai.

Don’t know what you two have been up to today but I hope you had a good day full of smiles and lots of learning and playtime as little boys should. You two must be getting well on with your advent calendars , I wonder if mum let you use the colouring ones I sent you , I thought they were very nice and I guess a little bit more healthy than the traditional chocolate ones .. Lol

I guess you will be on school holidays also now from end of this week until after the new year , I hope that you will still get to see some of your little friends from school over the holidays for a couple of play dates ….. Always makes the holidays more fun…

I guess I have no chance to see you both now until Feb as mum refused to respond to my contact request to see you both on Christmas Day , so I guess I will have to cancel my flight and hotel booking ….I will keep trying boys so please don’t ever think I have not tried to come and see you for Christmas ……

As each and every night champs I hope to see you both a little later under the big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait for my double cuddles and dream smiles…

Just always remember I miss and love you both each and every day , now and always …

Night , night , sleep tight , sweet happy place dreams …..

Love you both big truck loads full….

Love you pals …

Dad xx

Daily update for my Boys 11 Dec 2013

Hello Little O’s

How are my pals on this fine Summers day, LOL sorry you two must be freezing in the UK

I had some running around to do today for a meeting in the City but all done now and back home, to be honest it feels like I can sleep for 2 days straight at the moment, and that’s what I think I am going to do , LOL , Don’t worry I will set my alarm to ensure I am up and have written to you both before you head to dream land…….

The whole world seems to be coming to a standstill for the Christmas Holidays already it seems, it is a week early I would have thought but I guess Africa always wants to be different…..


Not sure what you two have been doing today but as always I hope you had lots of fun and that your are warped up warm , we don’t need any more Rudolf’s I think Santa has that one under control.. lol

I wonder if you have given mum a list for Santa as I am sure you have loads of little ideas this year on what will be the best present ever. I am sure if you two have been good boys Santa will sort the list for you, no problem…..

Have you helped mum put up the tree yet? , just a pity I have all the Disney decoration at my house, I know how much you two like to pull them of the tree and play with them, I guess this year the tree will just be plain decorations but I am sure it will still be lovely.

I guess I will be on Holiday from around 20 Dec until 2 Jan , thus I have asked mum if I may see you both but as you know she has not responded to the contact request but in fact closed the email account she agreed with the Court I can use to set up the contact , I guess we will deal with that issue 28 Feb when we are back in Court….. still breaks my heart knowing we will not even be allowed to say hello or wish you both a Happy Christmas but as long as you both know we have done so in our hearts and soles.

Well little men I really hope to see you both again a little later under our big old green tree in dream land, cant wait to give you both a huge bear cuddle ……..

Night , night champs , lovely dreams of happy things ….


I miss and love you both to the moon and back ….. always..


Love you champs …


Dad xx 



Daily update for my boys 10 Dec 2013

Hello Pals ,

How are my two little men doing today , I hope very well..

I am sitting in the lounge here at the airport waiting for my flight , It has been a busy two days but good , got loads done …

I guess you two monkeys are still in school having loads of fun with all your little friends now ..

I went for dinner last night at the mall near my hotel , must admit I have forgotten how much fuss they make here for Christmas , you two would have loved all the lights and decorations … Reminded me of when I was a little boy …

We use to spend our holiday month at my Ouma’s beach house , loads of kids and a massive amount of excitement leading up to Christmas Eve , still not sure why but we always got our gifts on Christmas Eve , maybe Ouma just wanted to make sure we don’t all explode with excitement …lol

I remember long days playing on the beach and in the sea , a little bit of sunburn was always part of the holiday also , makes me sad to think mum will never allow you two to have a proper African Christmas but would rather keep you both locked up under the control of her and her dad as you two are to little to stand up against them , but I know the day will come when you have read all the facts and will be able to make up your own minds and boy-o-boy they are not going to like that , as once they don’t have control of you they will go mad with frustration , maybe then will they get to feel a little bit of the hurt they are causing by not allowing two little boys to even speak to their daddy on the phone or know who he is …. As I said before I guess this was always part of the plan when mums dad wrote her the card to tell her to go to Dubai and find a husband …..

Sorry little men I am rambling , lol , guess I am just exhausted from this mess , but as I said I will never give up the fight for you two to know who I am and that I will always love you both no matter what …..

Well champs as I have a fair bit of travel ahead still today I guess I will only see you both much later tonight under our big old green tree in dream land , can’t wait to give you both a double dream cuddle and to tell you that I love you and miss you both so very,very much…..

Night , night little O’s , sweet happy warm place dreams….

Love you both loads…

Dad xx

Daily Update 9 Dec 2013

Hello little boys!

How are my pals doing today…. I hope great…

Well it has been a long day to say the least was up at 4am and did not sleep great last night to be honest, not sure why, might have gone to bed to early to get up early , lol , I guess that is what they call old age… don’t laugh you two you will get there one day also…

I thought is was going to be hot so did not back warm close and I must admit that was a mistake as my hands and feet are frozen… guess you never know with the weather these day.., as you would say Oliver Brrrrr its cold …LOL

So not sure what you two have been doing today but hope it was fun and remember you have school tomorrow so straight to bed no monkey business please …

Before I forget I got an email last night from your cousin to say she has give you your Christmas cards I posted, I know you are not able to read them but makes me feel a little better knowing that you got them, sure mum will not keep the for you but no worries I am sending copies of each and everything to your email accounts so I guess one day if you two want you can take a look at it all and know that loads of people miss and love you all over the world…

The lady from the Court emailed to say we have a new Court date again on 28 Feb 2014, don’t have the details re this yet but she has promised to send it to me today at some stage, just makes me sad that I might not get to see you before then as mum has still not responded at all on my proposed contact date , nor has she offered a other dates so I guess we will have to tackle that in Court in Feb to prove she is not able to promote contact as what CAFCASS say in their report….maybe then CAFCASS will start believing what I have been telling them for the past 6 months….

I saw on The Daily Mail a story of a Daddy today that have had 82 Court orders in the UK and his wife has still stopped him from seeing his daughter ( only about 78 for us to go to beat this record), I guess this is the issue boys the UK Courts are not willing to take a stand against mum’s even though they and CAFCASS say they are pro-contact they sure don’t show that in their actions…

Well I have an early start tomorrow again and then a flight late afternoon again, as I said hope this is the last one for 2013….

I really hope you two will have a nice fun day at school tomorrow with all your little friends, just wish I could say hello on the phone or Skype when you get back to hear all about your day , sure you both will have lots to tell me if mum allowed it….but I guess that is never going to happen.

O I am staying in a hotel tonight but don’t worry a bit I will still be under the big old green tree in dream land waiting for you both as always , can’t wait for my double cuddles……

Not sure why but I have this very empty feeling today from missing you both so much…. guess I have a long night ahead again…..

Night, night champs , warm, fun happy place dreams ………

I miss and love you both A380’s full …… maybe a bigger aircraft just don’t know what they would call it.. lol

Love you boys always…

Dad xx