What alienated children need most of all: to spend time with the rejected parents, and lots of it

“What alienated children need most of all  in order to heal, is not to be told anything at all but to spend time with the rejected parent and lots of it. Time to be able to see, feel and hear that things are different to how they have been made to believe they are. Whether […]


Denying your child the right …. to be a child

Some of the observations from yesterday’s post about a biological parent sabotaging his or her children’s relationship with their stepparent also hold true for parental alienation.   What is parental alienation but an attempt by a biological parent to sabotage their child / children’s relationship with their other biological parent? Sure-fire ways to damage your […]


Family Court Stress Disorder (PTSD)…

The act of terminating a parents rights not only strips a child of an entire family and identity, but causes the parent years of grief and uncertainty. To lose one’s child is a loss so terrible in it’s torment of a parents heart. This is a matter that is more then just a ‘civil’ matter which can be handled lightly. We want accountability. We want fair and just trials by a group of our peers.


Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Co-Parenting With a Narcissist Written by Alexander Burgemeester on January 29, 2014 ·  There is no such thing as co-parenting with a narcissist as they have no concept of teamwork or even cooperation. Perhaps the title would be more accurate if it read, “Parenting In Spite of a Narcissist”. Most often there is little to no “co-parenting” […]


Emotional Abuse and Alienation: Throwing a Punch That Can Be Felt Miles Away

Today I was supposed to spend time with my 2 beautiful children. I am grieving the loss of my children, and what could have been…  The alarm on my phone beeps, indicating there is 30 minutes before the event begins. I push the silence button. There is too much silence – there is dust gathering […]


Parental Gatekeeping and Parental Alienation

Parental Gatekeeping For parents who are co-parenting after a divorce, parental gatekeeping can become a very serious problem when trying to co-parent and communicate effectively. Parental gatekeeping is a term used to describe a parent’s preferences and attempts to restrict and exclude the other parent from being involved in the child’s development. Gatekeeping attitudes and […]