The Plug and Play Method of Your Favorite Narcissist

In the narcissist’s life, never overlook the fact that he or she views your relationship with him or her as similar to a “plug and play” electronic device. In your relationship with the narcissist, the narcissist views you as someone whose sole purpose is to perform for him or her without requiring any real input/upkeep/or […]

The Narcissistic Disconnection

After interactions with a narcissistic individual, we often sense a need for healing. Healing of “what”? I began asking myself. I realized we are often looking to heal multiple wounds of disconnection. When you interact with a narcissistic individual, gaping wounds may develop as one part of you is disconnected from another. In dealing with […]

Guidelines for Interactions with a Narcissist

Oh, it has been so long since I have written about narcissism. Perhaps I just needed some space to process. More likely, its simply the result of watching the narcissistic pattern again and again form its endless, repetitive loop of confusion. Here is what I have been telling myself in regards to maneuvering around those […]

Why Narcissists Disappear (Hint: It’s not just the Silent Treatment!)

The early days with a Narcissist can seem like the most exhilarating time of one’s life.  These individuals can be very charming, flattering, and come across as soul-mate material.  Love letters, poems, candle-lit dinners, dreamy getaways, and insane chemistry can leave even the most composed person weak in the knees and dreaming of a fantastical […]

The Narcissists Secret Weapon-Know Your Enemy/ Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach

Narcissists use particular communications styles to keep people stuck. Narcissists are usually very charming and attentive when you first meet them, but when they feel they have gained your trust, that is when they remove their sheep’s clothing, and you begin to feel like you’ve been duped. In this video you will learn how to […]