Madonna vs Rocco: children’s views must be considered

It’s known colloquially as Sod’s Law. Earlier this week I was rushing around London and eventually business all done jumped on a train up North to Yorkshire from where I’m busy the rest of the week. Shortly after arriving in Harrogate yesterday afternoon I got a call to appear on tv in London. I couldn’t,…

Family Court Stress Disorder (PTSD)…

The act of terminating a parents rights not only strips a child of an entire family and identity, but causes the parent years of grief and uncertainty. To lose one’s child is a loss so terrible in it’s torment of a parents heart. This is a matter that is more then just a ‘civil’ matter which can be handled lightly. We want accountability. We want fair and just trials by a group of our peers.

Happy New Year -10 Reasons To Be Happy Your Divorced In the New Year

Almost exactly four years ago I split with my ex.  It was New Years Day when I asked him to leave.  I was scared to death.  I did not plan it, I was not waiting for the holidays to be over, I wasn’t thinking “out with the old…”, something happened that day, actually a few […]

Divorce ends the husband / wife relationship, but not the parent / child relationship

Three Things to Consider About How Divorce Affects Children “Marriage begins with two people. The moment a baby is born it changes. The relationship demands a larger world view from both individuals. The decision to become a parent means that one gives up the right to behave immaturely, insecurely or selfishly. It should morph into […]

2016 No Baggage

A New Year! Resolutions are made, loose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, exercise more etc. But wait, are ‘resolutions’ not the same thing as goals? If this your first time visiting my website, searching for answers regarding your partner {or parent’s} strange behavior, pathological lying, having been caught in affair’s, and so on. Please read […]