So tomorrow is the hearing the Court will not inform me what for …..







So as you all will know by now tomorrow morning at 10 am my boys Oliver James and Oscar Alexander Ferreira is part of a hearing at the High Court Lancaster sitting in Preston and Blackburn by Judge Singleton , the Court told me a week ago about the hearing but refuse to provide the details what it will be about , you have seen the email from Miss Rebecca Butterfield the boys Solicitor saying she has once again been in ” private” consultation with the paid alcoholic drug addicted surrogate of my boys Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka Jayne Elizabeth McClure whom was to once again apply to the Court to change the boys Family name as she want to hide the Truth and Mr Peter Morey and the Judge continuous their misconduct in supporting this Child Abuser ! No such application has been issued or received as per normal this is just threats by her and her father Steve McClure to try and intimidate me as they have always tried to do in their efforts to hide the Truth about what they both are ..Child Abusers …nothing more ….

I hear they plan to shut this blog down , I would like to remind them that this blog was started on 6 Dec 2013 after they allowed the paid surrogate to ignore their Court order by which I requested to see my boys on Christmas Day last year …….

This blog will today have more than 12400 views , 575 posts , 385 comments over 235 daily email followers and has been seen in more than 60 Countries now and it has been re-blogged and re-posted on a large number of other sites by the followers that as I, believe in the Truth and transparency of the Family Law System in the UK ….

So all I can say is I wish them luck tomorrow as this footprint and platform is here to stay as my boys Will know the Truth one day …….the whole Truth …

Kind Regards,

Phil Ferreira

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