Two Year Anniversary of Chris Mackney’s Tragic Murder by Suicide-“Bullied To Death” in Family Court, by Lisa Nadig

Lisa Nadig, December 29, 2015 On this, the tragic two-year anniversary of the “Murder by Suicide” of Chris Mackney, a young father “Bullied to Death” in Family Court, I reflect on his life and death, my life, and so many dear friends all across the country currently living this same nightmare;  the horror […]

Activists camp outside David Cameron’s house in Dean in fathers’ rights protest

Campaigners for fathers’ rights have started a protest camp outside the prime minister’s house. New Fathers 4 Justice (NF4J), Stop The War on Dads and other parenting organisations have returned to David Cameron’s home in Oxfordshire to raise awareness of equal rights for fathers and the family court laws. Last Christmas New Fathers 4 Justice […]