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Malignant Narcissists Get Worse With Age – Stephen Mcclure 

You can’t hide your true colors as you approach the autumn of your life. ~Author Unknown (ANNA VALERIOUS) Growing old requires grace and courage. Aging is a series of insults that you have to take in stride else you become a distasteful burden to yourself and those around you. Grace and courage are not attributes […]

The Narcissistic Family Mcclure family Chester 

via Narcissistic . Have you ever been close to someone who you believed was as good as gold for years and years only to eventually have had the mask of sanity unveil itself to discover that they were actually the single-most crafty, manipulative, devious, deceitful and deceptive outright liar that you had ever met? A […]


Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED:After years of brainwashing, I started to realize the manipulation I was living under. I recognized the petty, limited world view I had been accustomed to and the cult like mentality I was living under. At first, these revelations had nothing to do with my Dad. Slowly, as time…

Have you been a victim of a manipulated scene to make your kid thing badly of you?

Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED:The controlling parent in Parental Alienation create massively destructive, stressful, and hate filled scenes that can be blamed on the victim parent. This is the story of how my Dad was ambushed when I was 8 years old. This had a LASTING EFFECT that made me “not want to…

A Family’s Heartbreak

Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED:A Family’s Heartbreak should be in the hands of every judge, therapist, and custody evaluator. His book is definitely is an eye-opener to the reality of Parental Alienation. Regardless of the reason a couple divorces, it is vital that they co-parent and keep the kids out of the middle.…

Parental alienation: the impact on men’s mental health

Originally posted on Parental Alienation- UNCOVERED:Parental alienation is defined as a mental state in which a child, usually one whose parents are engaged in a high-conflict separation or divorce, allies himself strongly with one parent (the preferred parent) and rejects a relationship with the other parent (the alienated parent) without legitimate justification. Parental alienation…