Boundary setting and the alienated child

Karen Woodall:

Back from a workshop in Leicester this weekend where we met another group of parents suffering the pain of alienation and forced separation from their beloved children.  Once again, far from it being a wholly miserable and gloomy day, we laughed as we discussed the different difficulties faced in the alienation process.  Laughed because sometimes the recounting of the actions of the alienated child and alienating parent sound so ludicrous when they are shared out loud. Though facing those action is painful indeed, sharing them with others who recognise them allows relief to flood through and laughter to come.  In a world where loneliness and isolation are feelings that arrive on the day that your child rejects you, finding others who understand can be a life saver.  For some in the room it was the first time they had laughed about what was happening.  For everyone faced with alienation, laughter…

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