Daily update for my Boys 26 Feb 2014





Good afternoon little men…

Hope you both are doing well… Just got to my hotel , must say it’s such a bright nice crisp cool day , hope you two had some outside playtime and not just locked in by your care giver in the hostage house….

Just got a letter from your school to say your care giver has agreed for you to be removed from the school , boys how stupid is this women , all I have been asking for since July is details of the school and to visit it , she says today that I was never involved in choosing your last two school , then I must have been drunk as she took me on both occasions to the ones she had short listed and then we decided which one would be best for you , both your previous schools can confirm this was the case , I also signed the papers for both the other schools but she had in her drunken state fed the new school so much rubbish and now that they know the truth about her they are obviously not willing to have her on the grounds as she is a risk to the other children and a child abuser as you both well know b now….

I see she had filed new applications at the Court today to say I abuse you and she wants to change your names to McClure and that I have no contact ever again with you both! Nice “mother” you have little men… I think she had now lost the plot totally , as I said in my Scott’s schedule to the Court last year where does she think you both came from ? I did not see the stork in a tree outside the hospital on 20 May 2011 , unless I missed him !

I just hope all the people can now start to see what I have been dealing with the past 11 months as her story changes each day , I hear I threatened your GP also , this is news to me I requested copies of your medical records to have proof of the physical abuse recorded by the doctor while you both have been in her care , the GP refused to provide the information as your care giver was in fact the one that threatened them should they provide me with your details …

She had a long delusional story about the hospital also , but again she forgets who caused that issue by not taking you to the hospital when they had the bed ready for your operations as it did not suite the control freak at that stage , the hospital has to date never come back to me nor did I ever speak to them again , I tried but your doctor refused to phone me back as your care giver also threatened her it seems ….again I am the bad guy …..

Boys I have no clue how this will end , I am just very sorry that you both are stuck in the care of the child abuser and the Court seems happy with that….

As expected your care giver has not come up with contact arrangements for tomorrow as per the Court order as she is to busy licking her wounds as it seems the truth is starting to hit home with her ….only took 11 months , maybe she is starting to sober up , O before I forget she told Peter Morey on 10 Feb she had no stress and as happy as Larry but yet today in the new round of court applications she is claiming that she now has to get treatments for post traumatic stress syndrome , funny that I have been getting that treatment since first week in May last year , I have lost over 35 kg because of it but no one seems to take note of the stress this crazy women is causing you both , me and my family , it’s all her and only her ad always , nothing changes…….guess that is why people say she now looks like a old gag……

Well little men , I will see you both a little later under our big old green tree in dream land , have brought some nice warm African cuddles……

Night , night little men , happy dreams …..

Love you both truck loads full and miss you more …..

Love you champs ….

Dad xx

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Bugbear List – What’s Bothering Us At The Moment In The Family Justice System

Researching Reform

If we were to recount the number of procedural wrong-turns and foul play every time we got an email from the parents we assist, we would be typing forever, but we are so fed up at this point of watching family law professionals do whatever they wish, that we’re writing a small list of Bug Bears here.

These are the things which defy belief, and most of the time, law and procedure:

  • Failing to support a parent with Parental Responsibility: if one parent is making major decisions about children without the other parent, and social workers are tasked with supporting these parents, at the very least social workers, note it down. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not actually do your job and find out how this is affecting the children?
  • If you’re going to write a social work report, make it fact not fiction: so much court…

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Daily update for my Boys 25 Feb 2014




Hello little men!

How are you both doing today ? I hope well…

Just got a very amusing letter from your Solicitor saying your care giver is not happy that I told your school she is a drunk , drug addict and a child abuser , funny how the truth hurts , but she is happy to tell the same school my family is in the mafia and that I will abduct and murder you both ! How drunk is this women now each day ? O she also says that I have said on the blog that I will abduct you both , now you have been reading the blog so I ask you where have I ever said that ? This women needs to be put in a straight jacket and send to rehab for life little men , the only option I see now …..

Boys I am just so sorry that you both have to suffer this abuse daily from her and her father but people are just not willing to admit it as Peter Morey from Cafcass has to then admit he has not done his job ! Big surprise there !

Still don’t know what the plans are for me to see you both , it’s seems the drunk drug addict has now decided to keep you hostage and blackmail the courts and CAfcass again!

Boys I must say I can not wait for Friday night when all the history on this case starting in Greece will be posted on this blog then maybe you both will understand and the readers of this blog will also know what your care giver and her father really are ……

O before I forget , I told the court , do I have to set my self on fire to get them to listen , now Becky Butterfield said I am going to set myself on fire so they have arranged extra security for the ” professionals ” and I use the terms in disgust , and for your drunk care giver and her drunk father , I am sure the smell of Booz on their breaths will be enough to light the building with no help from my side !

Sorry I know I am ranting little men , I have just had enough of the lies and accusation with no facts attached !

Hope you both are safe and had a good one , still hoping to see you both on Thursday ……

Night , night little men , I will see you both later under our big old green tree in dream land , big bear cuddles and smiles tonight …..

Love you both around the world and back and miss you more ….

Love you little men….

Dad xx