This is a blog for my twin boys Oliver and Oscar Ferreira and I hope one day they get to read the truth about how their mother ( Jayne E Ferreira AKA Jayne E McClure) kept them from knowing their Dad and denied them any form of a normal and healthy relationship with me , nor will the 3 of us every be able to create memories as little boys and their Daddy should….

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  1. Hi Phil
    My name is Barbara , Babs for short!
    Hope u don’t mind me writing , but I reckon we have a lot in common .
    I am a single mom to 2 brilliant kids whose were left to fend for ourselves without a father a couple of years ago . I have struggled to bring them up the best way I can on a very tight budget which I am ashamed to say does come from benefits and nothing more . I would love to work but on benefits I can’t afford childcare and on £7 an hour cleaning jobs don’t cover it. I’m stuck .Poxy CSA money isn’t enough to buy anything . I may have to resort to other things to survive ( plenty of offers on the estate where we live )
    My kids father was a very violent man and used his large size ( he is black Nigerian and I am little white ) to scare me and often hit me (usually my belly and back so as nobody could see it ) . Yet he still gets to see my kids every other weekend , you must have done something real bad only bein allowed to see them 4 times a year , what did you do ?
    Nice letters to your kids , no fear of my ex doing that he can’t write proper English !
    Love Babs x


    • Hi Barbs,

      Thank you for taking the time to read my boys blog. I am really sorry to hear about your situation, breaks my heart if I am honest!

      I wanted my wife to return to work to support us as a family as I paid over a 100 pound a day for nurcery fees , we had a full time nanny , ironing lady and cleaner but my wife felt she could give my boys a better life on 1200 pound benefits as a single parent , because I have taken up the fight to see our boys Cafcass says I am crazy , I and my wife told police I pushed her once in 2009 when we lived in Dubai and thus I am a domestic violence perpetrator with no proof , so she could get legal aid !

      Also a psycologist interviewed me for 2 hours at a airport and decided I have narsicisim

      In my case my ex is playing the system to line her pockets as she is getting free child care from the state but still sits at home…..

      Kind Regards


      Ps , keep your chin up ! Things will get better for you…. Xx


      • Hi Phil
        Thanks for mentioning me in today’s blog !
        Wow , are you royalty or something ? Cleaners, ironing ladys, nanny . Only in my wildest dreams !
        I don’t get it though why your ex would threw you out and lose all that based on a fight in 2009?
        If you were paying out for all that stuff and letting your kids have A brilliant live style why don’t you carry on paying ? £1200 a month on benefits sounds ace to me ( and more than I get for sure) but if nyrcery is £100 a day I guess it don’t go far ?
        What is narsicisim anyway ?sounds nasty is it like narcolepsy ? My uncle had that and he fell asleep when he was driving and died . Maybe that’s why you can’t go our with your kids in case you crash the car or something ?
        Hope you have a nice evening
        Love Babs


      • Good morning Babs,

        Hope you are well,

        And thank you for your comment again,

        I was the one that walked out of my wife’s parents home over the Easter weekend as I was not willing to endure the name calling , foul mouths and verbal abuse from them all , her mother told me I am jealous of the fact that my ex has a life and lots of free time to go out with her friends drinking etc. and that I must know my job is to work and provide for her to be able to do so!

        She also refused to support my visa to remain in the UK as her Dad said he will pay , thus I left the UK and she lost her CSA cash,

        The psycologist met me once and decided I am a narsisit , which means I have a high opinion of my self , like things in their right place and to control people , where in fact I was the one that was never allowed a say on anything re our boys or our home only my ex and her father?

        You make me laugh with the royalty comment , I am South African and in my culture parents work to give their children a better life and as such use home support to be able to do so and this by the UK Courts makes me crazy…

        I was told by my ex and her father that I am ungrateful when he comes into our home to rearrange things his way , they would never ask or take my opinion into account and would just do what they want while I worked away from home lots to try and support our life style but nothing would ever be good enough,

        I forgot to mention yesterday , she is telling the Courts that I will abduct our boys because I am South African but yet her and her father took them out of the country and lied to the Court about it! She also told them my family is in the Mafia and she fears for their lives because of it….

        I really hope your situation improves, not sure why my ex get so much in benefits sure it’s more fraud claims as she did forget to tell them she owns a house which ment she did not qualify but as her and her dad use to tell me , they are English and can do what they want in the UK ,and I know nothing ! Nice people !

        Hope you will have a great day and that the weather is not to cold !

        Take Care

        Phill x


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