2 thoughts on “Back to normal ðŸ˜€ðŸ˜€

  1. What a beautiful home Oliver and Oscar are missing out on with both of their real parents

    What gorgeous, sweet looking little angels, probably with a laugh to match

    Take heart and have courage. You are not alone in the same pain. My father always used to say, “This too shall pass” . . . “just as surely as the sun sets, it shall rise again.” He recently went missing, just like my son did, and then I found out he died very questionably in a hospital. Yet, my life has never before stood still for five years since the courts took everything and then retaliated for bringing federal lawsuit. Texas “justice” Is Murder. This new holocaust must end. We need the new Nuremberg trials for family court/CPS crimes against humanity, universally.

    I haven’t seen my son, my only child, Julian Jacob Worrell (of family Saloom) since 2012, before which, I was his only caregiver. He was my life. At least they still allow you to earn a living.

    — Julian’s Real Mummy

    Veritatem Dilexi


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