6 thoughts on “Some more new Court orders Little Men ! Xoxo

    • I guess it’s good evening Tela now in Texas ! Well in short I can’t once again see the boys whiles traveling half around the world to the UK , the Court is also having a issue as they have no basis in law to remove my parental rights , nor can I offer to give them up , only one case in the UK around 10 years ago and the father was a sex offender , the issue I have with all of this is multiple , the rights was not allowed to be used for the past 18 months in regards to our boys , plus the courts want to leave them in place for Little Men I am not allowed any contact with nor will I be allowed to know their new names , thus it all seems a little stupid to me if I am honest, but hey maybe I am trying to be practical and logical again and these people are incapable of that as a matter of fact ! Ps 4 am here , sitting in the hotel room drinking red bull ! 🙂 xoxo


  1. I need to read more about this, admittedly, Phil. You’re from the UK,right? The documents read differently here than they do there, making this hard to understand for me…either way, I support you as INVOLVED father to these two beautiful boys.


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