Final Court order Little men……. So , so sorry….xxxx

Hello Little men…

Well we now have the Final Court order as you can see your alcoholic , drug addicted paid surrogate Jayne Elizabeth Ferreira aka Jayne Elizabeth McClure is not willing for me to be a normal part of your lives until you are 18 , now I know I will not be here anymore by then so I really hope you get to read this one day and that this horrible women has a good explanation for what she has done to your lives ……… And the continued Child Abuse her , her family , Cafcass and the Courts are going to inflict on you both for the rest of your lives….

Just always know this has come to this point as your paid surrogate, CAFCASS and the Court wants to treat me like a criminal which I am not and can’t except, as they have no evidence but the drunk delusions of the paid surrogate and her horrid alcoholic father Steve McClure and the fact that they are English and I am a foreigner……

Just always know , I tried , Ouma tried , Oupa tried but I guess the paid surrogate got what she always wanted as she could not do it by herself due to her serious STD infections she carried all of her adult life ……

Breaks my heart little men but as I have said for as long as I am able to I will be writing your daily updates and hope that you both will know how much I love you and all the other people also whom the surrogate and her family have decided to cut out of your lives as they do not want to face the Truth…..

Love you both with all my heart and sole little men ….always ….

Dad xx

Note to all the readers of this blog from all over the world please feel free to share this so the world can see how corrupt the Family Courts and CAFCASS really are in the UK…….










4 thoughts on “Final Court order Little men……. So , so sorry….xxxx

  1. Ok Boys we no longer considered as your Grandparents we wish you well in your teenage and adult lifes. We are not even allowed to send you a card nevermind a gift. Ouma and Oupa’s job is now to try en help our Son to rebuilt
    his new life. Our Son (your father) is still young enough to have a good life with people who cares a lot for him.
    It breaks my heart for not ever beable to be an Ouma to you two. Unfortunately life doesn’t always deal you a good hand and children never accept good advise from parents. For the little bit of time that is left for me I will try my utmoste to heal my Sons broken heart. It was nice knowing you although time ran out for us.
    I trust when you go to school and start learning to read and write and you work your I-pad and google your names or even Ouma’s name then the whole true story will unfold for you and then YOU can decide who was wrong and who was right. My priority is now my Son. Will always think and wonder about you but have no right to ask about you. Take care Little “O”s and when you read this just keep in mind Oupa and Ouma was not bad people. Unfortunately our Son made the wrong decission with that thing that calls herself your surrogate because in MY mind she is not the word mother (small letters) worth. Will love you forever. We will keep on trying to keep our memomries up with the small amount of skew and faded photos that were forwarded to us by accident.
    Now when it comes to the goodbye Little “O”s we do not know how to say from Ouma and Oupa or from Mr and Mrs Ferreira xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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