My first try at the blog thing boys , for My Twin boys

This is my first post to tell the world the story of my little boys and the struggle with their Mum , CAFCASS and The High Court in the UK

Boys I know you are very small and it might only be many, many years before you get to read this blog , but I honesty hope you get to do so one day as this is all I have been left with to try an keep contact with you both after the games JEF your mum , her father SM and her Brother SM has played to keep me from having any form of normal contact with you both.

Champs as far as I know today 5 Dec 2013 you are both being kept hostage by your mum in Chester near where her brother Simon also stays. Since I left mum on 1 April 2013 because of all the abuse I had suffered under her and her fathers hand , they have only allowed me to see you 4 times for 2 hours at a time.

I have been fighting in the UK courts since April this year to get to have a normal relationship with you but mum and her dad have lied and played the victim so well that Mr PM from CAFCASS and Judge S and your own solicitor Miss BB all believe I am crazy for trying so hard to stay in your lives , they are all backing mum so she can get state benefits in the UK while she keeps control of you both as she is to lazy to work and at the end of the day this will mean that you both will be deprived of so many opportunities due to mum not willing to stop drinking and taking pain killers , but PM from CAFCASS and the Judge all thinks this makes mum the best person to care for you , I guess it because I am South African as they have shown zero concern for your human rights only mums wallet as normal.

You might not know but I have created email accounts for you both on 20 April and have been writing to you both each day as it seems its the only way we get to spend a little bit of time with one another , I have also sent all the legal stuff to your accounts so should you wish one day to read the truth behind all of this and the fact that your Daddy has been taken away from you, you will be able to do so.

Boys I will use this blog going forward for your daily emails also and should I maybe get a photo of you from friends.

Boys just always remember I have never walked away from you and will continue this fight for you until the end of my time…

I miss and love you both so very much pals , breaks my heart that I am not even allowed to say hello to you on the phone or Skype

Love you both truck loads full …

Dad xx

3 thoughts on “My first try at the blog thing boys , for My Twin boys

  1. I have two boys and know Phil (your dad). Phil helped me in a time when I made a huge change in my life. Your dad gave my refuge and showed what a true friend is. I hope that one day you will read this and realise what a loving caring compassionate person your dad is. Today is also the day that we say good bye to a great person in world history. Nelson Mandela (do a internet search) died last night. Mr Mandela’s great love was children. He saw the potential in children, and became a father figure to many in the world. Little O’s your father has those same principles and beliefs. Nothing makes a father prouder to hear the words pappa, daddy from a young men with great potential. My wish is that your dad can hear these words every day,for you will always be his sons. Have faith!


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